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Solar Oven

Another piece of the puzzle. An alternative cooking source.  I can now continue baking bread, baking beans, a pot of rice or whatever. It is simple, clean, and free.

Whole wheat bread. One hour at 250 degrees. Anasazi beans 3 hours at 300 degrees.

pieces of the puzzle

It seems the final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. My last day of work will be Monday July 31. I will be leaving Salt Lake City on Wednesday August 2 heading for Elko Nevada.  I have had a number of doctor and dentist appointments to make sure everything checks out. And it does. Orthopedic. Primary Care. General Surgery. Optometry. Got my dental implant Wednesday. A follow up with my regular dentist next Thursday.

Technology. Got a smart phone three weeks ago. Picked up a laptop Tuesday. Today I purchased a  DC-AC inverter to run the computer and my printer from the solar panel 12V system.

A haircut next week and a visit with one of my friends.

And I will be on my way….

Escape 19. Day Two.

On Hwy 3 British Columbia on the way to Osoyoos.                                                        26 May 2017.

Escape 19

I am beginning to personalize the interior of my new trailer as I settle into a routine and get used to living in a really small space. I have made a few adaptations to facilitate daily life and am contemplating a couple more minor projects. I am very reluctant to start drilling holes or doing anything permanent quite yet.  I am pulling things out of my collection and displaying them where they can be seen and incorporated into who I am and what I am doing.  Along the edge of my bed under the rear window I have spread a small wool rug hand woven by women in Turkmenistan gifted to me by a neighbor some years ago.  On the wall enclosing the shower hangs a piece of woven cotton textile I obtained from a University student from Kenya. At the table at the front end of the trailer sits my design of the Achaemenian lion. On one side is a print of Saraswati, on the other a reproduction of the I-Ching hexagram for Synergy. On one side of the table sits SpongeBob Squarepants. Opposite, hanging from the handle of the upper storage compartment is the Kokopelli bandana and the the scarf from the Rwanda Commemoration. In the handle of the opposite compartment rests a Native American dream catcher. By the door hangs a string of Tibetan prayer flags. Over my bed in front of the rear window hangs my Kokopelli ornament. One of the projects I will be working on in my journey is researching my family history. I have already got a good start on that. I feel that the nine generations of my grandmothers are travelling with me.

My new home

I have just moved into a monthly rental site at the local KOA. Much more affordable and much more of a conventional residential community. The other side was for the tourists and vacationers and way too expensive. I will continue working at the hospital until the end of July as I get more familiar with the ins and outs of trailer living. I have made choices to do things this way. Everything is going along as scheduled. There are some drawbacks, but this is all part of the process that will get me where I want to be by October.

Escape 2017

I have returned from British Columbia with my new trailer. I have had a very good experience with it so far. I feel I have made some good choices. I am looking forward to acquiring knowledge and responsibility as I embrace my new lifestyle.

first night in Lynden WA. May 25KOA Salt Lake City. My new home for the next two months.

Part of the Process

Apartment/ yard sale. Everything must go!  Lightening the load. Downsizing from 400 sq. ft. studio apartment to 19 ft. travel trailer. I cannot take very much with me.


Photos from the factory today.

Goodbye DaNeZeWa

Now that I have acquired a new tow vehicle it has come time to part with my dependable little red pickup. She has served me well, enabling me to get out and do what I enjoy doing. But unfortunately she is not strong enough to tow, and has considerably too many miles. It has been a good relationship for the last 7 years and she never let me down. I bought her from the original owners who took very good care of her. I sold it to my mechanic who is the only person I trusted to work on her.  And he paid me what I wanted for her. So am moving on, with a similar transaction with my new vehicle. Everything seems so right.

DaNeZeWa. August 12, 2010.

White Toyota

I have just accomplished two major goals toward my nomadic adventure.

On Tuesday I made the final payment on my trailer. Construction will begin next week. I have benefited from the ever increasing exchange rate on the US Dollar to the Canadian Dollar. Cooperative and helpful people all the way through all of these transactions. It hasn’t been easy managing my limited financial resources and negotiating international business transactions. I still have legal stuff and paper work ahead of actually picking the trailer up in May. But the money part has been done.

Friday I took possession of my tow vehicle. 2000 Toyota Tundra 4.7 V8  4WD with factory tow package. From original owner. Low miles. Excellent condition. This  was one of those special transactions between two human beings that reminds me so much of when I got my original Toyota pickup 7 years ago. First pictures Provo Canyon, Wasatch County UT.


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