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Cross Quarters

Markab. 2017

It’s time to start publishing calendars again. These “months” are based on 18 bright stars along the ecliptic as they cross the meridian around midnight. The large numbers represent the nights associated with each bright star’s midnight culmination. The small numbers represent the calendar days we are familiar with, in this case September.  The other features are phenomena that make the nighttime sky interesting.

Markab is the bright star located on the southwest corner of the square of Pegasus. It is a blue-white star of magnitude 2.49 between 86 and 199 light years away.

Star stuff

I got serious about working on my projects. Interestingly, simultaneously, I am working on three components of Zubenelgenubi.  I am revising the format of the star maps. Something that hopefully will become consistent throughout and look professional. I have also revised the template for the catalog, and completed one page. Again something that is clean and organized. I am reading The Glorious Constellations, by Giuseppe Maria Sesti, the book that got me started on this Cultural Astronomy thing almost 20 years ago. The one chapter on Libra was only one page. And, I am working on an art design of an Egyptian-Nubian divinity. It feels good to be applying myself in this work. That’s part of what being out here is about.


Alpha star of Aries. Magnitude 2.00. Orange. 66 light years distant.                        37.7 degrees east of the Vernal Equinox.


Bright star in southeast corner of Pegasus.                                                                     Close to Vernal Equinox point on ecliptic.                                                           Magnitude 2.83.                                                                                                                         333 light years away.

Algenib 2016



The lower right corner of the square of Pegasus. Blue-white star of magnitude 2.49, 199 light years away.  Its Chinese name “SHIH” means house or mansion.

Markab 2016


Deneb al Giedi

The tail of the Sea Goat.

magnitude 2.87

white-yellow star  about 40 light years away

Deneb al Giedi. 2016

Deneb al Giedi. 2016

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