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Month: September 2015


18.LEO.D. 8 X 10

prospective trailer


R-Pod RP-171


sego lillies

Sego Lilies

Raft River Mtns. Box Elder County UT

campsite view.02

Algenib 2015


North Fork. Weber County UT



It seems appropriate to begin this blog at this time of this year. The Autumnal Equinox occurred on September 23. Coincidentally the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur fell on this date as well as the Muslim Eid Al-Adha. The 100th anniversary of my mother’s birth was September 22. The blood-red eclipse of the “super moon” occurs on September 27. We are gathering up the fruits of the harvest. The growing season is short in Utah. There has been snow on the highest mountains. The maples are reddening. I don’t think we are going to see much from the aspens this year. A good time to begin new projects.

2015.09.26            03 Algenib

Beginning the journey

Days Of Nights
I am considering starting a blog to chronicle the preparations and themes for my impending life on the road. Until I get that website up and running this will have to do. Anyone with experience in constructing and maintaining feel welcome to comment.
Several mental activities are already taking place. Organization.
1. Living space. Truck and Trailer.
2.Intention. Developing a meaningful itinerary. Making good use of time
3.Encounters with the landscape and living nature.
I have already begun seeing my life through the lens of being full-time mobile, envisioning towing my 18 foot home on wheels from place to place, the kinds of places I will be seeking, the advantages and disadvantages of living this way, and how I will be spending my time. I have a lot of research to do between now and then, hopefully in the summer of 2017, but it is not too early to start making meaningful progress toward that goal.
My major project this summer has been to empty out my storage unit. I rented it in the summer of 2003 as I transitioned from a single-family house to a one-bedroom apartment. I grieve at how much money I have spent to house stuff I haven’t used, needed, or even looked at in 12 years. But it has been hard to be really motivated or to have found the time to make headway on this project. But now that I am doing it I am finding a real sense of liberation and of lightening a burden. After all when the time comes, I want to be ready to roll. There is not much one can fit into 150 sq. ft. of living space and weigh less than 1000 lbs. It all better be important.
One of the themes of my adventure will be seeking out dark sky sites. I congratulate myself for finally joining the International Dark Sky Association this last spring. A positive action and financial contribution puts a specific on my agenda and gives me a resource to plan my experiences. I expect to discover a lot a places whose location I may not want to share publicly as well. So far I can list two sites that I have camped at this year with this intention in mind. Simpson Springs in Tooele County UT and North Fork Park in Weber County UT.
My chief occupation during this adventure, which may take four years or more, is the writing and publication of four books that I have already begun. One is a comprehensive look at Cultural Astronomy from the point of view of an anthropologist and student of religions. I have my degrees now. The second is a cross-cultural catalog of the main stars on the Ecliptic. The third is a volume of my art designs, cross-cultural interpretations of the signs of the zodiac. The fourth book is my autobiography, my own story, not “The Road Less Traveled” but rather “Bushwhacking through the Underbrush–Numerous Times.”
I intend to produce this whole project under the umbrella of Days of Nights. We”ll see what actually transpires.
Love Hope Peace Faith.
jws. 15.09.25. 02 Algenib.

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