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the prospective truck

2005 Toyota Tundra. 4.7L V-8



Last night was the Midnight Culmination of Algenib. October 2 is when this star is opposite the sun on the ecliptic. Algenib (88 gamma Pegasi) is the lower left hand corner of the square of Pegasus. It is magnitude 2.83, a blue star 333 light years away. It has a luminosity of -2.4.  The ecliptic longitude is 09 degrees, 10.843 minutes. Its Arabic name is ganah al-faras. The Autumnal Equinox which occurred on the Gregorian date of September 23 is located on the ecliptic at 00 degrees, 00 minutes slightly west of the star 0mega Piscium.

Simpson Springs. Tooele County UT

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