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Month: June 2016


Nunki is the star on the right shoulder of The Archer, Sagittarius. The star’s name comes from ancient Babylonia meaning “The Star of the Proclamation of the Sea.”  It is blue, magnitude 2.02, 234 light years away. It is 12.4 degrees east of the Winter Solstice, the lowest point on the ecliptic.



Shaula. Sabik. 2016

Shaula. Sabik

Shaula. Sabik

Sabik and Shaula have similar ecliptic longitudes but are far from the ecliptic north and south. The line connecting these two stars crosses the ecliptic 261 degrees east of the Vernal Equinox. Sabik is a medium bright star in the constellation Ophiuchus. For about 19 days the ecliptic passes through Ophiuchus, whereas only 5 days for Scorpius. In reality the zodiac is 13 constellations. Shaula is one of the bright stars in the stinger of the scorpion.


Adler Planetarium. Chicago

10.Adler Planetarium. Chicago

Grainger Observatory. Phillips Exeter Academy NH.

astronomy. Phillips Exeter Academy

New Hampshire. May 2016

I returned to New Hampshire for my 50th high school reunion in May. I traveled across country by Amtrak, then rented a car in Boston to get around to seeing people while I was there. I stayed at a motel in Portsmouth NH which is 20 minutes away from this beach, which I visited each of 3 mornings. Jenness Beach. Rye NH. I am looking forward to soon being able to take all the time I need for people and places that mean so much to me.

11.Jenness Beach NH


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