Days of Nights

in search of dark skies

Month: July 2017

Solar Oven

Another piece of the puzzle. An alternative cooking source.  I can now continue baking bread, baking beans, a pot of rice or whatever. It is simple, clean, and free.

Whole wheat bread. One hour at 250 degrees. Anasazi beans 3 hours at 300 degrees.

pieces of the puzzle

It seems the final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. My last day of work will be Monday July 31. I will be leaving Salt Lake City on Wednesday August 2 heading for Elko Nevada.  I have had a number of doctor and dentist appointments to make sure everything checks out. And it does. Orthopedic. Primary Care. General Surgery. Optometry. Got my dental implant Wednesday. A follow up with my regular dentist next Thursday.

Technology. Got a smart phone three weeks ago. Picked up a laptop Tuesday. Today I purchased a  DC-AC inverter to run the computer and my printer from the solar panel 12V system.

A haircut next week and a visit with one of my friends.

And I will be on my way….

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