To take advantage of the University of Utah Women’s Basketball games at Arizona State and the University of Arizona I parked myself at Picacho Peak State Park for four days. 70 miles north to Phoenix on Friday. 40 miles south to Tucson on Sunday. $30 a night with electricity and free hot showers in the bath house. Utah won both games.

A heretofore unknown bit of history is commemorated here. In April of 1962 the army of the Confederate States of America was pushing westward to eventually secure a Pacific Coast stronghold. The army of the United States of America moved in to block their progress at Picacho Peak. A gun battle ensued in which 3 USA soldiers died. The CSA retreated and abandoned Tucson. On the way to Tucson the US Army encountered a blockade of 600 Apaches. In order to get to the precious spring water the Army brought out the two Howitzers they were carrying and started blasting away at The People who were protecting their homeland. 66 People died. Their leader Mangas Colorado was taken prisoner and executed. American history. Every spring there is a re-enactment of the white soldiers’ skirmish, not the Peoples’ massacre. According to the text of this plaque, some people still believe that the formation of the Confederate States of America was a good idea and those who waged war on the United States of America were heroes.

Reasonably dark skies considering the location. Stars visible to 5.5 with these old eyes.

A cloudy then rainy day on Saturday. I made a decision the start the charcoal, and then the precipitation started. I went ahead anyway. Why waste a good fire? Cutting up vegetables and cooking them in a cold, persistent rain. Food preparation has become rather important to me.