Lazydays KOA

Steward Observatory

Flandrau Planetarium

Department of Anthropology. Haury Building

I decided it was about time to have my truck serviced. I haven’t had anything done to it since I left Salt Lake City in August. There are two Toyota dealerships in Tucson. I picked the closest one to where I decided to stay, Lazydays KOA. KOA is pricey but it is convenient. Dealerships I know are expensive, but I don’t know any mechanics in Tucson. This gave me opportunity to visit the campus of the University of Arizona and pick up my prescription at CVS. The repairs on the truck involved ordering some parts and could not completed in one day. I was able to secure an extra night at the trailer park. And my service representative at Toyota provided me with a free rental car. In addition the dealership gave me a ride up to the university and back. I am not used to this kind of service. That’s part of what you pay for.

I made a visit to the offices of the International Dark Sky Association and was warmly received by one of the directors, John Barentine. We had a lengthy discussion, mainly about light pollution, but some serious astronomy as well. It was very gratifying to be talking at this level. I am not the only crazy person in the room.