I needed 3 days to camp out over the weekend before I headed for Tucson Mountain Park. I thought about Cochise Stronghold to the west in the Durango Mountains. But first I needed to empty my tanks and get gas and I would have to go to Willcox for that. Doubling back to Cochise did not seem practical. And the sites in the National Forest did not contain enough information to make me feel confident in this destination at this time. Dispersed camping on BLM land right off the highway on the way to Safford at a lower elevation made more sense. There was snow on the top of Mount Graham. And I found out there is an astronomical observatory up there managed by the University of Arizona. There is a visitors’ center at the Eastern Arizona University Discovery Center in Safford. They were not open on the Saturday I went into town. Interesting stuff going on around here. Cotton farming. Many churches. Not a bad location.