Some aspects of my journey are becoming personal pilgrimages. This is the first time I have visited Joshua Tree National Park. The album “Joshua Tree” by U2 was released in the spring of 1987. It had a very profound effect on me. Very powerful music. So I played it a lot the four days I was here. I was very lucky to get a campsite without a reservation. Nestled in among these amazing rock formations. A form of granite that forced its way through the earth’s surface and has been subsequently eroded away. Besides the large population of Joshua trees, a type of yucca, there is a surprising variety of plant life. More tree magic. Juniper, pinyon, and live and scrub oak. There is evidence of human habitation here as old as 1000 years. And there are spaces that invoke a sense of sacredness in me, because of the layout, rocks, trees, open space, orientation. I create my own space for my morning yoga by determining north from the location of Polaris and hopefully finding a mountain or a tree to direct my attention for my routine. Dark skies are better than I would have imagined considering the proximity to Los Angeles. Observations hampered by clouds. But still two brief opportunities were rewarding.

campsite. Belle campground

Joshua trees and granite formations

human habitation


massive Joshua tree



live oak. scrub oak.

scrub oak