2017 is now here. It is time to turn a new page. It is time to start making some real plans. I have to start by organizing what all I have to do by making lists. I have a list of lists, and 11 individual lists that I have put in separate file folders in a little file box that is in a handy place on top of my art table.

  1. List of Lists
  2. Calendar of 2017 to write down what I have to do and when I have to do it
  3. Money. What I have available to use now as well as what I am going to have to live on
  4. Toyota. present and future
  5. Escape. all the information about my new trailer
  6. Technology. all the stuff that is going make my new lifestyle happen
  7. University of Utah. my retirement after nearly 15 years
  8. Health Insurance. Medicare and what I decide to supplement it
  9. Personal Health. taking care of present issues and planning for the future
  10. Possessions.                                                                                                              keeping what I absolutely need and getting rid of everything else
  11. Taxes. current State and Federal
  12. Miscellaneous.