I have just signed off on the options list for my new trailer. That had to be completed by February 10. Final payment of the balance is due April 10. The trailer will be completed on May 10. I will drive up to the factory in British Columbia for a 3-hour orientation, and then they will deliver the trailer to the port of entry in Washington state. It’s all happening.

I am using money from one of my retirement accounts to pay for a larger truck and the trailer. I transfered this account from a stock market account a year and a half ago because I did not think the market would sustain a value of 18,000. Hah, what did I know? Keeping an eye on the Canadian-U.S. exchange rate prompted me to send a sizable payment north in June. Of course 20% of my withdrawal was withheld to the IRS. And the servicing bank exchanged my funds at a lower rate than I expected. Amateurs at play in a sea of sharks. I am only buying a little house on wheels, not studying international finance.

Now I have completed my 2016 taxes and find I am getting a nice refund after all. I will withdraw another sum from the retirement account to begin shopping for a larger truck. I am confident I will find what I am looking for, both in specs and price. My trusted mechanic is going to be looking for me, and intends to purchase my old truck as part of the deal. He already has a buyer for my truck, so it looks like everyone is going to benefit from these transactions.

And on to make appointments with Human Resources about my retirement plans, and talk to the people at Social Security and Medicare. Wow.