Paying taxes on financial transactions is now the big challenge to making things happen between now and June 1.  Withdrawing from my retirement account automatically deducts 20% to the IRS withholding. I will probably get that refunded, but not until next year. I got a good portion back this week from the withdrawal I made last June. Then I have to figure in sales tax  at 6.85% on both the trailer and truck when I register them. If I pay off the trailer first, which has a due date and a fixed amount ( USD-CAD exchange rate notwithstanding) then I will see what I actually have left for a truck. If I had known two years ago what I know now, I probably would have done things differently. For instance I transferred by retirement account from one in the stock market to a guaranteed return because I didn’t believe the market could sustain a value of 18000. Once I get past the first of June everything should be okay.