Wow. I didn’t want to be having do this. But. In order to get me over the hump of making these two significant purchases and transitioning into my new lifestyle, I have decided that two components are going to be necessary.

Since I am making withdrawals from one of my retirement accounts to finance these deals, 20% is being skimmed off the top for IRS withholding. I’ll get most of it back, but not until spring. I am taking out a loan to offset this difference, and will have it paid off in a year.

As I am going through my possessions it has become apparent to me that I am still going to have way too much to load into my trailer. I am talking about my research materials for my projects. Books, book notes, class notes, papers, original artwork, family history and autobiographical material. This is stuff I realistically cannot dispose of. So at least for the immediate future I am going to rent a small storage unit until I figure things out. To start off with, I am going to have to consider that I am camping, forever, and take it from there. Just the food, water, clothing, cookware, and few pieces of technology are going to add up quickly. I have a 1000 pound capacity for the trailer, and a few things I can carry in the truck.