I have just accomplished two major goals toward my nomadic adventure.

On Tuesday I made the final payment on my trailer. Construction will begin next week. I have benefited from the ever increasing exchange rate on the US Dollar to the Canadian Dollar. Cooperative and helpful people all the way through all of these transactions. It hasn’t been easy managing my limited financial resources and negotiating international business transactions. I still have legal stuff and paper work ahead of actually picking the trailer up in May. But the money part has been done.

Friday I took possession of my tow vehicle. 2000 Toyota Tundra 4.7 V8  4WD with factory tow package. From original owner. Low miles. Excellent condition. This  was one of those special transactions between two human beings that reminds me so much of when I got my original Toyota pickup 7 years ago. First pictures Provo Canyon, Wasatch County UT.