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pieces of the puzzle

It seems the final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. My last day of work will be Monday July 31. I will be leaving Salt Lake City on Wednesday August 2 heading for Elko Nevada.  I have had a number of doctor and dentist appointments to make sure everything checks out. And it does. Orthopedic. Primary Care. General Surgery. Optometry. Got my dental implant Wednesday. A follow up with my regular dentist next Thursday.

Technology. Got a smart phone three weeks ago. Picked up a laptop Tuesday. Today I purchased a  DC-AC inverter to run the computer and my printer from the solar panel 12V system.

A haircut next week and a visit with one of my friends.

And I will be on my way….


Simpson Springs. Tooele County UT


Solar Oven


  1. Devinder Singh

    Hi John,

    Congratulations on retiring and hitting the road. We love the picture of our old truck and your new one. I am glad she brought you happiness. It took me a long time to part with her.

    I sent you an e-mail.


    • johnwarrensimpson

      Good to hear from you. Yes she served me well. But not up to the task at hand. I have made an excellent upgrade.

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