Farewell Salt Lake City. This has been my home for over 24 years. I came here from California in 1993 with a number of expectations, and I leave in 2017 with a whole new plan and equally high expectations. What I thought I could develop here to move my life forward did not materialize. All of those trains ran off the tracks. Instead I stayed working at the University for nearly 15 years. I succeeded in obtaining two Bachelor’s degrees in 2015. I developed a keen interest in Cultural Astronomy and I embraced the environment of the former Lake Bonneville. I move out tomorrow, departing from what has been so familiar for such a significant part of my life, and move into a much broader landscape in which I can do my thing on my terms. Or rather I can move into a landscape that will allow me to live in harmony with it. For one reason or another the ties that I may have here are not hard to loosen, though I promise there will be attachments no matter how far I roam or how long I am out there. What is going to be different is that I have no home to return to. In one sense my home will always be with me. In a broader sense, wherever I find dark skies I will be home.

Photograph: Salt Lake City from Antelope Island. November 2013