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Now on to discuss the other problems I was facing. Sunday evening I noticed that my devices chargers were not drawing any current from my 120V outlets. My power monitor indicated there was no ground in my 120V circuit. I switched everything over to 12V and decided to wait until some time later to deal with this situation. My batteries were 90% charged before I went to bed. Well, in the morning, somehow the problem had fixed itself. The was no error code on the monitor, I switched on the 120V and the outlets were normal. Hmm. That was simple. My kitchen faucet had been leaking for a week. It has a pull-out sprayer and the water was dripping from the connection of the hose to the spray head. Unless I pulled the sprayer out, when the faucet was being used, water was leaking down onto the shelf under the sink, and making its way into the cupboards at floor level where I keep flour, grains, beans, etc. It had looked to me that there was no way to disconnect the hose from the head (similar to a situation I encountered in the shower). The local RV center had a faucet that looked suitable for $90, or I could order one from the Internet for $60. Only problem with ordering stuff is that I don’t have a suitable place to have them delivered to. On closer inspection Monday, after I had disconnected all the plumbing under the sink in preparation for removing the faucet assembly, I discovered that yes indeed the hose did unscrew from the spray head. A generous wrapping of teflon tape cured the leak. Ah so simple. That saved me a bunch of money and worry about package delivery. Ever since I arrived in Elko I have not been able to access the Internet even here in town. Out at the trailer park my signal is even weaker and I have had to depend on the park’s free WiFi. Sometimes it is so slow it is not worth trying. And it is not secure. I just acquired this expensive unlimited data plan and haven’t used any data since I left Salt Lake City. One of the stops I made in town on Monday was the Verizon store. The clerk took a look at my phone. Tapped a few buttons and brought my phone into working order. She explained that my phone was still trying to find a signal in Salt Lake City. Wow. I mentioned to her that I was considering purchasing a cell phone signal booster. She asked what kind. I told her. And she said Verizon just started carrying them 3 weeks ago. She could order this one for me and I could pick it up in the store by the end of the week. Wow. Another problem solved. Back at the trailer park I am now able to use my smartphone as a WiFi hotspot even without the booster. So nice. I like my new laptop for the most part. Except trying to use this pad as a mouse is very frustrating.Copy and paste. Select and delete. Moving images around in Photoshop. Not working very well. So I ordered a wireless track ball from Walmart and will pick it up this afternoon. Walmart is good for being able to order a wide variety of items and just have them delivered to the nearest store. And there is one more important problem that I will be taking care of next week. On my was across on The Pony Express Trail I tore apart connecting wires for the brakes to one wheel on my trailer. I was able to splice them together and hold everything in place with electrical tape and duct tape. But the RV center will restore everything to professional standards, inspect the brakes, suspension, and tires.

So the handful of problems I was facing on Monday have all been taken care of in a simple and inexpensive way.


Ryndon NV




  1. Hi John. Just checking to see how you are doing. Nancie and I were thinking of you tonight. Also, I was up at Silver Lake and Brighton, watching the eclipse. I hope your problems continue to find cheap and effective solutions.

    Jeremy Furbish from HCH Security.

    • johnwarrensimpson

      Good to hear from you Jeremy (and Nancie included). Clicking on your name took me to your website.
      Very creative and thoughtful. Really appreciate the artwork. Things are working out well, which is going to be the subject of the post I am about ready write.
      Thank you, and keep in touch.

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