This photo is of what I call the sand basin, north of where I viewed the eclipse, in open land north of the trailer park. It looks ideal for star gazing, if and when I get back to it.

All the things that I needed to have taken care of are done. Almost. The trailer’s brake wires were repaired, brakes checked, and tires rotated. That electrical problem with the 120v open ground reappeared Friday night and didn’t go away by itself. So today I purchased a multi-meter and will have a look at it tomorrow. The service department for the electrical management system will walk me through the testing if I need them. The solar panel is recharging the batteries just fine. The roller trackball mouse makes a world of difference. I am obviously very attached to my technology and being connected to the Internet. So I pay for it and live with it and am content. I am very close to accomplishing the first step in establishing myself as a resident of Nevada. In fact I thought it would have happened by now. A mail-forwarding service outside of Las Vegas caters especially to RVers who are on the move. There are a few considerations, but for most part this is going to work. It is kind of ironic that for the last 3 months I have had this really nice home, and no address to go along with it.

And an unexpected health issue to deal with. My Medicare was just activated 3 weeks ago, and I have not been able to purchase supplemental insurance yet. But this is a top priority to deal with. All the health care professionals I have come in contact with have been extremely pleasant and thorough. Soreness and swelling suddenly in my right calf. Two different ultrasounds have determined I do not have thrombosis or a blood clot. Just some form of varicosity. Not terribly serious, and somewhat treatable. It has not impaired the use of my leg whatsoever. It should be a good idea to do more walking and bicycle riding.

Had a nice visit from my cousins from eastern Washington who were on a road trip with their 6 grandchildren. They decided to swing by Elko and see how I was doing. How exciting! Real company! We got a chance to try out two restaurants in town. I think we made good choices. Good food and excellent service. Elko is turning out to be a very positive experience for me.

Regarding the eclipse, my first idea was to travel north on Hwy 225 which runs through Owyhee to Mountain Home Idaho. Still south of the zone of totality, but close enough for me. I was planning to drive until I starting encountering cars parked along the road and bunches of people looking up at the sky. But the more I heard about traffic jams and gasoline and food shortages, the less I wanted to dive into that craziness, or get anywhere near it. The local college was planning to sponsor a viewing party. That made more sense to me. Participating in a community event. At the last minute they had to cancel the program because the distributor of the solar eclipse glasses could not vouch for their safety. Ow. Failure. So I went off to this area north of I-80 I have visited before, and had my own solar eclipse party. Me, my truck, and a camp chair, a half gallon of water, camera, and solar shades. I was out there for the duration, nearly three hours. Incredible spectacle. 90% totality is pretty good. Only a thin crescent of the sun remained. The light was noticeably dimmer, and the temperature fell a good 10 degrees.

Now it’s time for me start thinking about enjoying some the landscapes around here. I am thinking about an overnight campout in Lamoille Canyon with just the truck. And a day trip up north into Idaho. We’ll see.