It was important for me to go to Reno before heading south. My daughter was coming over from the Bay Area with my grandson to compete in a bowling tournament. I parked the trailer at the Boomtown KOA. Nice location. Sort of. My brother has a second home near Donner Summit. I drove up there to visit him and meet my daughter and grandson. I watched her bowl at The Bowling Stadium twice. So I got to spend good time with them. I also needed to be in Reno to take care of some business. I haven’t received my permanent Nevada driver’s license. It wasn’t with the mail my daughter brought with her. A visit to the Reno DMV informs me that the license was mailed to my PO Box in Pahrump on September 06. I will have apply for another temporary, when I get to Pahrump and wait there until it shows up in my mailbox. I picked up a prescription my University doctor had forwarded to Reno. Since I don’t have prescription insurance this was going to cost me $230. My drug store membership reduced the price to $130. I am used to paying $15. And I needed to have the slow leak in one of my truck tires repaired. I had to wait 2 hours at Costco for them to tell me the tire was beyond repair. They will not replace just one tire on a 4WD so a new set of tires was going to cost $600. I also got my laundry done and paid a visit to Sprouts and REI Coop. A little reflection prompted me to search for some Yokohamas. I was very happy with ones I had on DaNeZeWa. Costco doesn’t carry them. Discount Tire does, but they didn’t have any in stock. I wasn’t going to wait until the end of the week for a special order. I took what the salesman offered me as an equivalent to Yokohama. I have to trust him. I can already feel the difference on the road. I was kind of dubious of those Michelins from the beginning. But they seemed all right going into this in April. So I stayed 2 extra nights in Boomtown. Took a scenic tour of Verdi after I didn’t have anything more to do. Full water tank. Full propane tank. Full tank of gas. And brand new tires.