I am halfway through a one month residence in a trailer park in Pahrump NV. This was in order to secure my permanent Nevada driver’s license, and to establish a residence in Pahrump. I probably would have arrived here a few weeks later were it not for the license. My permanent one got lost in the mail. My temporary was expiring so I headed to Pahrump to apply for a new temporary and get the process for the permanent going. Four hours at the DMV. Wow. But it was an opportunity to study a population of Pahrump. Mostly older White people. Some Asians and Latinos. I was surprised to see as many African Americans. A common condition I see is obesity. Both in the older, but in the younger too. It is sad to see people who have lost the ability to walk well. I got my license in a week. The Elko Post Office had returned my original one “Unknown. Unable to Forward.” I was in that office checking for my mail twice a week from the first of August until the first of October. Wow. The next order of business was to travel over to Las Vegas and see if could get the insurance on the trailer I had had, and also see if if I could get the truck covered by the same insurer and have my existing policy with another company cancelled. Las Vegas is about hour east of Pahrump. Across some desert and over the mountains. Quite a different world. You can get anything you want in Las Vegas. Several times over. That was all accomplished quite easily, in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. And not too expensive, though more than Utah, for some reason. There are three Costco’s and six Sprouts in Las Vegas. Wow. And I had to drive by Thomas & Mack Arena and Cox Pavilion at UNLV. I will be back in awhile. What still remains for me is to purchase a Medicare supplemental insurance plan. I don’t like what I see but I have to get something.

On my way back to Pahrump I drove by Red Rock Conservation Area. I visited here in 2011 and promised to return. I will probably be staying here for a few days after I leave Pahrump. Also investigated Lovell Canyon in the Spring Mountains Recreation Area. A paved road that goes up into pinyon forest with decent spots to park a trailer. Worth checking out. The following day I headed up into the Spring Mountains from the Pahrump side. The pinyon forests are very pleasant places to spend time. Pulling the trailer up here is feasible but not the best idea. A good trip in the truck up to Wheeler Well, beyond which I did a little exploratory hiking. Pinyon forests are cool because they are so open walking through them is not a big challenge. And then on to Wheeler Pass. That was a challenge. A road more suited for dirt bikes and ATVs. But we made it. Good views from the pass. Very windy. There are wild horses grazing among the Joshua trees on the slopes east of Pahrump. They seem very docile.